Peg on Pause


A good friend of mine explained this time in our lives as the time of P.A.U.S.E, which stands for Practice Awareness Until Spirit Emerges. I hope to make this blog my place to PAUSE and to share my thoughts, ideas, ramblings, spirit as it emerges. I don’t know quite what to make of this phase of life called retirement; it seems quite vast, an ocean of the unknown and I am standing on the shore, the waves rolling over my ankles.What now?

Writing has always been my way of sorting and trying to understand the journey as I experience it. I have been  journaling steadily since I was 15. I write stories, poems, essays searching for meaning. This is my way of operating in the world, and I sense that will be even more the case now that I am retired and trying to figure out what that means and what my purpose will be. If I have any good insights, or creative ideas, this blog will be my place for sharing them. If my writing lacks insight or cleverness, I will try my best to  refrain from posting it here. I am hoping to PAUSE and in that wisdom, be able to decide what is worthwhile to share and what I should keep to myself.


*My first blog is a short story, and my way of reacting to the recent shootings in Dallas, here in Falcon Heights, and Baton Rouge. There are many other examples of lost lives through gun violence, too many to list.