Sometimes it takes an extraordinary event to jar me into realizing how much good surrounds my life, how much love fills my cup. This last weekend my son married his soulmate. Weddings are filled with hope and joy. But as the mother of the groom, what I also realized is that nearly everyone I love and everyone that loves Morgan and Sara was gathered in the same place. People traveled from both coasts, representing ten states and three different countries, all of them making the effort to take the days off, pay the plane tickets to be there to celebrate with us. It also hit me that these were the same people that would show up if tragedy struck one of us too. 

But this was a wedding so the weekend was filled with hugs, toasts, laughter, dancing, feasting, stories and catch up conversations.  As they should, weddings remind us of the exponential quality of love, how it expands through generations of time, and across vast distances.  Surrounded by the expansiveness of love all weekend, I could not help but feel blessed and humbled by how good it is to be human.

Morgan and Sara have spent over a year planning out the details to make it memorable, and uniquely theirs. There are several moments that I am savoring, wanting to remember so I will share them here in roughly the order they occurred. I will try to insert a few pics where I can as well.

  1. The groomsmen got ready at our house. There was much banter as the guys ate lunch. Morgan has had the same friends most of his life, and they are terrific young men who were in boy scouts, sports and grew together. 


  2. The ceremony was officiated by my sister Marlene, the minister who made sure everything ran smoothly and the couple, her nephew and new niece remained relaxed. She kept her comments brief because it was quite warm on the patio overlooking the St. Croix River, the new bridge and old church steeples.  Her message focused on the exponential quality of love and how it expands out from the two making their commitment to each other.
  3. Since the ceremony was held on the patio of the Stillwater Library, the couple chose passages from their favorite books to read to each other and the guests. She chose Jane Eyre. He chose Lord of the Rings. My English teacher heart swelled.
  4. Newly pronounced as husband and wife, Morgan and Sara walked down the aisle as the accompanist played  Here Comes the Sun.
  5. Arriving at the reception, my sister Mary Beth, rushed over to offer her assistance. I don’t know why it touched me so much when she told me to think of her as my personal attendant.  That is just the generous person she always has been. We got a glass of wine and toasted to family.
  6. My heart swelled as the best man, #1 son Jake, toasted to growing up with his brother in the country where they shot off firecrackers and skateboarded down our steep driveway.
  7.  I danced with my married son to In My Life by the Beatles.IMG_4812
  8. I danced to Journey’s Faithfully with the Best Man, his brother.
  9. I danced with my daughter, one of the beautiful bridesmaids. They all looked like princesses.
  10. I Twist and Shouted with both sisters on the dance floor.
  11. I slow danced, polkaed and rock n rolled with my hub.IMG_4821
  12.  My 87-year-old mother, sat and watched it all, and every time I looked over there was a different grandkid sitting and talking to her…including the groom, the best man, my daughter, a granddaughter from Ireland, and grandson from the East Coast. She felt like a queen.
  13. When we left, (I realized I had been standing or dancing most of the night and we had invited all the guests to brunch at our house in the morning) Morgan and Sara’s friends had taken over the dance floor, and the music was louder and faster.
  14. The big take away that I want to remember after having my delightful niece, Claire from Ireland stay with us for a week and watching how all the young people enjoyed each other, yet still took time to spend with their grandmother, is that the millennials, at least all the ones I know might just turn out to be the greatest generation, the one that will save us all with their expansive attitude on life and love. 20190817_141331 (1)


2 thoughts on “Exponentially

  1. Congratulations MOG! I loved this as it brought back memories of last summer and Dave & Kelsey’s wedding… such lucky guys to have friends who have lasted through so many years… we were blessed with memories of grandparents and so how fortunate to have your mom there in all the wonder of the event. Thank you for sharing!


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